12 December 2008

84│the animosity in the past made it hard to predict1

12 December 2008

Welcome to Bladen County ladies and gentlemen—
Tar Heel Plaza to be exact: prosperous capital of sin and swine.
Direct your attention, if you will, if you please,

over thataways. That’s Smithfield, fine people—grisly Camp Smithfield,
home of the world's largest

hog processing plant,
the one that put the ever-loving swill and swish-chute

in your gummies,


and packers. [This is a lottery.]

Today: 4000 ballots cast like anglers for a cat.

I cannot say that anyone cheated.


Said Fulcher, poor, poor Fulcher, Fulcher of the livestock section:

We are able to speak now

We will be treated fairly

Alas, another lesson and hoedown for the cafeteria netheryear and netherfolk:

A lot of people have not been treated fairly

But a victory and victory dance alike

cannot be scorned. Remember.

And so upon the Plaza steps the workers danced and danced and danced.

It went on and on like that, reeling.

And all throughout the evening the sun imagined and wanted desperately to say,

Fulcher again, voice cracking:

We have worked hard for this and we did it and we can continue to do it

All I want is for everybody to be together

As long as we do that we can make it

Not to all of a sudden spring

a full moon on you, but a full moon it is, and dark,

a full moon nonetheless, chasing me, now.

I mean to tell you a full moon, and a dark moon.

My man dread: There is a sense of relief that it will finally be over.


1 See http://www.fayobserver.com/article?id=312956. A can of thanks to DMS, Fancy Corners, and e for the inspiration and impetus.


Duck said...

Huzzah, sir, and huzzah!

Anonymous said...

Huzzah I might say, too. Or Hurrah. Or Monkfish. But the truth is? It's a hell of a poem. You are on the edge of it all.