11 December 2008

As the world population grows to a peak of somewhere shy of maximum sustainable levels

See http://dotearth.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/12/10/energy-choice-nobelist-with-climate-passion/?em

If you've got 102 min to spare during this wondrous holiday season (and might I recommend SANTASTIC for all of you adventurers and rabble-rousers), then I beg of you, faithful readers, glorious sliders and beholders of the mighty atom, to please check out my man on the Helios spotworks, Dr. Chu, coming at you, Sir Energy Secretary forthcoming, a nice and sprawling lecture indeed, energy servants!

Hello again. It's me. How are you? Got to thinking: What would a McCain administration Energy Secretary have looked like? Good question. Let me present to you, yes ...

Voila! Indeed! The return! Sr. Joe:

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